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Ā-ˈKLÄ : Eclat™ is a creative agency offering photography studio hire and an event venue in Melbourne Australia. Our secure, specialized and beautifully designed 180m2 warehouse and photography studio space caters to a wide variety of applications and uses. We provide businesses, entrepreneurs and artists a place to create and accomplish their creative objectives. As a fully featured business development, marketing, advertising, content creation and design studio with strong ties throughout many Australian industries; our resident artists and professionals can assist you in gaining your very own éclat; a brilliant success beckoned in by thunderous applause.

Infinity Wall Repainting Fee

Infinity Wall Hire

Infinity Wall Repainting Fee


Infinity Wall Repainting Fee


We go to great lengths to present our clients with a flawlessly clean studio space. The Infinity wall/Cyclorama is a sensitive tool which requires both constant repainting and cleaning after every use. Whilst we provide paper shoe covers and drop sheets to minimise soiling of the flawlessly white surface and recommend that models line the bottom of their shoes with masking tape, soiling and scuffing the floor surface is typically unavoidable.

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