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Ā-ˈKLÄ : Eclat™ is a creative agency offering photography studio hire and an event venue in Melbourne Australia. Our secure, specialized and beautifully designed 180m2 warehouse and photography studio space caters to a wide variety of applications and uses. We provide businesses, entrepreneurs and artists a place to create and accomplish their creative objectives. As a fully featured business development, marketing, advertising, content creation and design studio with strong ties throughout many Australian industries; our resident artists and professionals can assist you in gaining your very own éclat; a brilliant success beckoned in by thunderous applause.



Eclat Creative offers a fully equipped and stunningly chic photographic space and event venue for hire in Melbourne. Contact us to find out more.


Melbourne’s Leading Photography Studio & EVENT VENUE FOR HIRE


Our beautifully designed 180m2 photography studio and event space for hire in Melbourne has been thoughtfully equipped to make a bold statement, to serve as a west-side creative beacon and to be a place where artists and businesses can feel truly at ease; be inspired, proud and creatively unrestricted.

Bright clean surfaces, designer fittings, thoughtful lighting, an abundance of space and an array of technology and services form a captivating environment to bolster upon your creativity, unleash your abilities and to aid you in succeeding brilliantly.


We'Ve created a space in williamstown so that you have space to create

What's in a photographic space? And what does your space do for you? Here at Eclat Creative, our space is your space! Whatever your goals and needs may be, we can cater to a wide variety of uses and applications. Photoshoots, dress fittings, meetings, your training venue, location of your art gallery show, a trendy and inspiring place to show off and launch a product; or perhaps you just need a warm and welcoming place to truly engage in your creative endeavors. Whatever the case may be, we've got the Eclat. Here at Eclat Creative our strategy is to gain repeat clients by offering a level of service and value that other studios in Melbourne simply can't compete with. Lot's of little differences add up to one big difference. We understand that you create lots of content often so you need a cost effective means to access a studio flexibly and at a efficient price-point.


When you choose to rent our Williamstown photo studio we include all of the essentials without the inflated additional costs that you'll be charged elsewhere. We have the best rates, longest hours, the cleanest facility, abundant parking and you'll have access to Studio A and B.

Get in touch with our studio manager via 0423 678 660 or our contact form. You can complete your studio booking below.

  • 220m2 Main Studio Space:

  • 6.5m Ceiling height throughout.

  • 4.2x4.2m Infinity wall: (White only).

  • 5m wide white brick feature wall.

  • 3m Background Rigging System.

  • Fitting area w/privacy screen.

  • Make-up desk w/Hollywood Light.

  • Stainless steel mobile shot table.

  • Common/Meeting area with table.

  • Full size kitchen with break room.

  • Internal Bathroom.

  • Secondary creative workstation.

  • Racks and hand held steamer.

  • 3x Polyboards (Wht/Blk)

  • Shot bags and misc reflectors.

  • 3-Phase + Single phase (12x)

  • Elinchrom lighting gear Available.

  • 4x 1000w HD Theatre Spot Lights.

  • 55" Samsung TV with Smart Apps.

  • 400w Sound system w/Aux.

  • WIFI via 20/20 NBN access. (8ms ping).

  • Desk mounted phone charging hub.

  • Drive-in Vehicle access (3.2x6.4m).

  • On street parking for up to 18 cars.



If you are looking to rent our photography studio within Melbourne, ensure you read this important information.

  • Advanced Lighting Pack Includes 3x Elinchrom BX500 Ri Monolights, 2x Professional C-Stands w/boom, 1x Dolly Super Boom, 2x 90cm Rotolux soft boxes, 1x 140cm octagonal soft box/beauty dish, 3x metal reflectors, 1x background dish, 1x 100cm umbrella, 4x honeycombs and Elinchrom Skyport/HS Pro triggers $100.00 Per Day.

  • Basic Lighting Pack Includes 2x RX4 Monolights, Elinchrom triggers, 2x Light stands, basic light modifiers and leads. $60.00 Per Day.

  • Grey vinyl and Green Chromakey backdrops are provided at no additional cost, 3m x 6m.

  • If you'd like a fresh Infinity Wall Floor surface for your photo-shoot a $50.00 repainting fee applies, otherwise no guarantees are made regarding the cleanliness of the surface. Fee's and penalties apply to misuse and neglectful treatment of the cyclorama surface.

  • 1/2 Day hire is 4.5 hours (8.30am-1:00pm) (1:30pm-6.00pm) / Full Day 9.5 hours (8:30am-6:00pm).

  • Overtime can be arranged; subject to availability. Twilight/Night sessions available, shoot into the night.

  • Active involvement of the studio manager incurs hourly fee of $30.00.

  • Further conditions apply, refer to studio hire agreement for terms and conditions.

  • Hire rates exclude GST.



We're big on loyalty and we want to create long lasting professional relationships with our clients. All prices exclude GST. Bookings determined by availability. Please utilise our convenient and secure SCHEDULISTA booking interface below to book your studio time.

  • Single Half Day Hire: $195.00 (Photographic or Video Production)

  • Single Full Day Hire: $395.00 (Photographic or Video Production)

  • Advanced Lighting Pack $100.00 Per Day. Highly Recommended.

  • Basic Lighting Pack $60.00 Per Day.

  • Additional Hourly Rate between 7am-7pm: $35.00

  • Additional Hourly Rate 7pm-11pm: $100.00

  • Overnight Sessions: Contact Us

  • Event Rate: $100.00 Per Hour + $400.00 Cleaning Deposit


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